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Fun, Fast and Exciting!

Revel in sharing your journey towards fitness with others by taking part in our group sessions. Getting into fitness can always be a daunting experience, so why do it alone? Gather a few of your friends or family members and get fit together!

Inclusive Classes

All classes are open for anyone to attend and start learning new skills while staying fit. During the sessions I always take into account the different training levels of each participant, creating an atmosphere that caters for both intensive training needs and those looking to have fun.

Ideal for Children

From a young age, it is important for children to learn discipline, as it shapes their personality and promotes a positive attitude. All my fitness and self-defence classes are ideal for children as it enforces self-discipline and control. The classes also provide children with an outlet for socialising and making friends while staying fit and learning new skills.

Female-Only Provisions

I understand that it may be intimidating for women to work out in a gym or a class filled with men. To cater to that, I conduct female-only classes. I also have highly skilled and qualified female trainers.


Solo Sessions

Whether you need targeted help to improve a weakness or simply feel that you would benefit more from individual sessions, I’ll be able to conduct a personal training session catered to your needs.

Contact us now, to find out more about our children’s self-defence and fitness classes.