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I have been training with Omar for close to 2 years now. I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness (currently forty-one) if not for the personal attention given in my training sessions and his post session follow ups. He has also greatly helped my age-old knee issues. Omar knows when to push you and when to slow down and does not give up even when you give up on yourself. He is knowledgeable, compassionate and has great energy, which helps on the days when you need that extra motivation.

I would recommend Omar in a heartbeat having also met and trained with several other trainers in the past.

Sadia (Banker)

I have trained Mix Martial Arts with Omar just less than a year although I have known him as a close friend for many years. One of the first instant benefits I have gained from his style of training was enhancing my core strength; this is because the various workouts targeted all major muscles. Another noticeable benefit was developing my endurance level through cardiovascular condition that includes technical drills. With improved strength and endurance, I have subsequently gained superior balance and flexibility that was valuable for preventing any falls along with other injuries. Lastly as my physical prowess improved so did my self-confidence, which was very important; not only in my ability to execute moves but also in life in general.

Amin Othman. 24 years old.

When I was one year old I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and the doctor and the Physio said I will be in the wheel chair and I need several operations and Botox to make the muscles longer, my spine wasn't in place.

My life changed from the first visit Omar met me he believed in me and he said that I will stand and walk he said I will not need a wheel chair. We started two sessions a week. Now I am 14 I can walk with no operations my bones are flexible my feet are on the floor my spine is straight and we are working on my advice to everyone never give up.

Lara Elnady

Omar has been working with me and my two teenage nephews for the past year and has helped all of us so much. For me has been incredibly persistent and flexible with my busy work schedule. He challenges me but in a gentle and encouraging way. I always feel better after a session! For my nephews, one of whom has demonstrated real talent, he has really identified and pushed his talent helped build his confidence not just in kickboxing but more broadly across other areas in school and athletics. He is genuinely the best trainer I have had here and in New York!

Cat Mullen. TV Executive

I have been training with Omar for 2 years and i've felt my body get stronger. Omar helped me push my limits and taught me how to react in various situations of potential danger. Training has helped me to get my fitness up but has also taught me to defend myself. Omar's techniques helped all my body get fit through various exercises going from push ups to kicks or punches. I am very happy to see myself progress in all round physical shape and I recommend strongly this coach for every person who wants to train hard in a joyful spirit.

Maxime, 15 years old

Since starting Mixed Martial Arts, not only have my fitness and agility reached heights I never imagined, but I have acquired skills invaluable in my life to this day. Starting out as an 11 year old kid afraid of making a mistake, afraid of receiving a punch and not being able to fight back and protect myself, 7 years on I am certainly much more confident to defend myself, both physically and verbally. Blocking kicks and punches has almost become second nature to me. My alertness has increased and I find myself making educated judgements of my surroundings: whether it be a round in my training session or a street fight, where I have to judge the number of people involved and their ability, whether they have a knife or a gun, or whether it is merely a night time train journey on my own. If you're looking for a fun and different way to workout, become physically fit and gain the skills that will last a lifetime, take up Mixed Martial Arts- you will not regret it!

Darya Shulakova, 18 years old. University Student

I have trained with Omar for over 6 years now going from a complete MMA beginner to now competing. What made me so loyal to him is his undivided attention, lifetime of experience and pushing my boundaries. He really cares for you to get better so if you commit - you will see the results straight away.

Alexandra Ashikhmina

I started mixed martial arts with Omar when I was 5 years old, and have been doing it up to this moment. Without it I couldn't have achieved what I have achieved, both physically and emotionally, through determination, endurance, strength and skill, over the 6 years I have been doing mixed martial arts. In case I find myself in a dangerous situation, I know how to defend myself and overcome my attacker, whatever age and without harming anyone. All in all mixed martial arts is an extremely fun and useful skill, which gives you confidence and helps you stay in shape.

Jonathan Ouwerx, 11 years old

Omar is a great trainer, with incredible patience. He is committed, friendly and a joy to work with. Thanks to him I feel stronger and fitter!!!

Sadia Siddiqui. CEO Mustang Productions

After several trials to exercise on my own and encountering more problems afterwards, thanks to Omar’s guidance and his professional sport training, my body is gradually getting more flexible, stronger, and healthier. Therefore my mood and confidence have switched from “I cannot” to “Yes, I can and will be able slowly and surely”. It is a commitment worth it!